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Gym Equipment Commercial Air Bike

Short Description:

* Chin Drive
* Unlimited Wind Resistance
* Convenient for Moving
* The Saddle is Adjustable
* Non-slip Grip
* LCD High-definition Screen
* Large Diameter Fan Blade

Product Detail

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The Commercial Air Bike is designed specifically for cardio workouts, with HIIT training as one of its most common uses. It allows you to generally work on resistance by pedaling and moving your arms at the same time. Both pedaling and moving your arms can be done without impact on our joints, making the Air Bike perfect for cardio and HIIT workouts.

With the Air Bike you can increase your muscle strength, improve endurance and burn huge amount of calories. Connecting pedals with the handles, a natural, synchronous movement is achieved and the whole body is set in motion. With 27″ size fan and its individual air flow, the ventilation resistance ensures an intensive workout according to your training – the faster you pedal, the greater the resistance.

Large, easily visible training console is packed with features for all users, which monitors your performance data and helps by keeping training time, speed, distance, revolutions per minute, watts, and calories burned with ease.

Two-stage transmission system, chain conduction power, driving gear transmission to the wind resistance wheel, so that the resistance is smooth and natural, no sense of lag, and reduce the recoil force to the knee joint damage

Encrypted fine steel air hood to protect children's fingers

Each products are in very strict quality system,all will be assembled test before delivery to your hands

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided
Standard export packing,Customized carton with Logo is availble
We usually delivery by sea, for the small package,we can send it by express

One sample for test is available
Suggest you have China agent could delivery the goods,will help a lot for saving your charge,we can help also if no agent

Different products have different minimum order quantity,welcome contact us for more details

We offer 1-3 years warranty of our different products and life long service
Feel free to contact us for any problem you meet during using our products,your satisfaction is our basic

Quality is always our first gurantee,cooperate with us,you only need to choose item you like,never worry about after-sales problem,any dissatisfaction can be refunded

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